Tech tips from Mike McAlister Jr
LOOKING TO PURCHASE A USED VEHICLE?? Make sure you have it inspected by us first!! A vehicle is a big purchase, there are a lot of things you cannot see or pick up on when test driving. We offer a used vehicle inspection service which can be done on a same day call ahead basis. I see it all to often, a vehicle is purchased while in need of costly repairs or maintenance. By inspecting the vehicle first you have peace of mind knowing if there are going to be expenses with in a short period of time, you also can use this for bargaining or gauging the sticker price of a vehicle. We are more than happy to offer this service and helping obtain peace of mind when it comes to your travels. It is the peace of mind service that we strive to provide At North Smithfield Automotive center. Call to set up a same day call ahead appointment next time you are ready to purchase a new or used vehicle! North Smithfield Automotive Center 401-769-2525 "Only what you need 100% Guaranteed!"
Automotive advice from Mike McAlister Sr
If you want to make your vehicle last for 200,000 mile and not have to spend a lot of money to get it there, make sure to bring it in every 3 months so we can keep an eye on things and keep up with routine maintenance. We always have fresh coffee nad water for you to enjoy while listening to some new jokes. Hope to see you soon! Mike Sr. North Smithfield Automotive center 401-769-2525
Automotive Repair

North Smithfield Automotive Center is your one-stop location for all of your auto repair needs. Conveniently located in North Smithfield, RI we serve the northern region of the state as well as surrounding communities in Massachusetts. Our modern, top of the line equipment combined with a dedicated, highly trained staff insures that your auto repairs and maintenance are provided efficiently and flawlessly.

Tire Service

At North Smithfield Automotive Center your tires are important to us, that's why we stock a complete line of quality name brand tires. But tires sales are just a part of our service, we also provide tire mounting, balancing and precise wheel alignment with our computerized, 4 wheel alignment system. So the next time you need tire sales and service, give us a call, we're sure you'll be happy with what we have to offer.

RI State Inspection

Every two years you are required by the state of Rhode Island to have your vehicle inspected to insure it's safety and emissions compliance. Over the years our safety inspections have revealed dangerous and potentially deadly situations that include defective brakes, steering, and exhaust systems. Worn or damaged parts are replaced to insure the safety of you and your passengers and emissions inspection insures that we all breathe cleaner air.